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Player Interview Series: Bella Markoch!

We have taken the time to sit down with one of Russian femaly waterpolo stars, Bella. Check out some of the questions we asked her below:

1. When did you first realize that you could be a career waterpolo player and that you can turn your passion into your day job?

I’ve understood that immediately on the first training when I entered the pool, anything I do I always want to be the best in it. Waterpolo is my passion and I want to keep striving to be the best at it.

2. Which challenges did you have to overcome to become the player you are today?

The main challenge was me leaving my parents' at the age of 16 to move for the best team in Russian history. It was tough for a young girl to move out at that age, but it's what made me into the player I am today.

3. What motivates you the most about your profession as a waterpolo player?

I’m always motivated, because without motivation, everything becomes harder. My motivation comes firstly from the trainings, and secondly during the games, I practice to be better than everyone else.

4. What does your daily routine look like?

I have 2 trainings each day, with the exception of Wednesday and Saturday.

Morning trainings last normally about 2.5 hours (30 min gym + 2 hours of water)

Evening trainings also last about 2.5 hours (1hour Gym+1.5hours water)

Intense, but I want to be the best.

5. Who, in your opinion, are some of the best players in waterpolo today and with whom you've played?

During my entire professional career at the highest level, I have only ever played for 1 team - Kinef Kirishi where I've won all club competitions in Russia and in Europe.

The best players I played with are:

Evgenia Ivanova, Evgenia Soboleva, Ekaterina Prokof’eva and Anna Karnaukh.

6. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received from a coach?

The best advice I ever received was actually from my first coach: "Play calmer, smarter. Think in the game first, act later. Do not play aggressive, play smart."

7. Tell us about your most successful season in waterpolo?

In my career I've won 2 Youth World Championships, European Games, 2 times LEN EuroLeague, LEN TROPHY, LEN Super Cup, many times Russian Superleague and the Cups. Full house!

However, my best season in my career was 2020-2021. I felt as an individual player, I player perfect, I’ve scored 90 goals, all components of the games were outstanding, in defense and offense.

I consider my self still a young player and without any doubt I’m still growing, still learning and hope every next season I will be better than now.

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